The Stratus mission is to become the ultimate convenience Ecosystem. By combining the capabilities of many of the most used platforms and services, Stratus will allow an individual to accomplish nearly all of their required activities on the Internet on one platform with one account, one wallet, and on one dashboard.

Unparalleled Features

Once completed, Stratus will boast the capabilities of many of the most popular platforms and services, such as: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, TiK Tok, Periscope, WhatsApp, Medium, PayPal, Mobile Money, Linked in, Upwork, Tinder, Go Daddy, Zoom, Telegram, Envato, Travelocity, Amazon, Robinhood, Coinbase, Google News, EBay, and many more!

Data Privacy

Unlike most social media networks, Stratus will never sell or export a user’s data. Data security is a top priority at Stratus,because of this, all 1 to 1 communication is protected by military grade encryption. A user does have the option to directly sell their data if they choose too, however, they will be the sole beneficiary of that transaction.

Freedom from Censorship

Stratus believes strongly in the sanctity of free speech.That humanity should allow a free flow of thought, discussion and ideas without limitations. For this reason Stratus only censors posts in cases of illegal activity. Stratus will never censor a user for their political views or unpopular opinion.

Best Monetization in Social Media

Stratus is committed to maintaining its lead as the social media platform with the highest monetization rates for influencers. Stratus believes as an influencer or a person with a following, you should make more money than we do. For this reason we have created more than half a dozen ways to monetize your profile and we have extended our commissions to be far higher than any other platform.