Quantum World Peace
    Do you believe World Peace is possible? •-:-•-•-:-•-:-•What if it was already done?•-:-•-•-:-•-:-• But the programmed human Ego was Addicted to the suffering of separation. The drama and struggle. Clinging to familiar stories.  Could you Allow a World that is already at Peace exist in your emotional body? Can you Let Go and Surrender to Peace within?
    By Samantha Dawson 2021-02-25 09:44:57 0 109
    Best Meditation for Change and Abundance PERIOD
    Hi, I am JD from Boom Crypto, the new Youtube Channel for new enthusiasts into the cryptocurrency space. We talk about prices, news, business opportunities, side hustles, FOREX Trading, and many other topics Including the GSX Cryptocurrency. Sorry for my long-winded Introduction but this is my first post. In This video, I talk about a Meditation that I do twice a day for just 6 minutes. There are about 62,000 people doing test market research on this method and MANY ( like myself) have had LIFE-
    By BoomCrypto JDavis 2020-12-02 19:50:18 1 171
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