The Power of Positive thinking
    Here are 3 lessons to help you think more positively: Start with confidence and watch your problems shrink. Your world is nothing more than the thoughts you have about your experiences. In order to live worry-free, first imagine a worry-free life. Let’s pump up the positive jam! Lesson 1: Believe in yourself and visualize your goals to see how small your problems are. Yes, confidence is important, because if you feel inferior, you’ll act inferior. We know confidence alone doesn’t solve all pro
    By Shivam Thakur 2021-04-02 13:09:51 0 95
    harry potter and the philosopher's stone
    Throughout the series, Harry is described as having his father's perpetually untidy black hair, his mother's bright green eyes, and a lightning bolt-shaped scar on his forehead. He is further described as "small and skinny for his age" with "a thin face" and "knobbly knees", and he wears Windsor glasses.
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    Plain is a flat expense of land
    By Shivam Thakur 2021-02-14 06:45:51 0 116
      Here are some adjectives for island: largest and southernmost, sandy, coral, unexplored and uninhabited, mountainous main, gently mannered, desolate, mountainous, big and exceedingly valuable, “tropical, uninhabited volcanic, flat and low-lying, nameless and perfectly circular, remote and somewhat barbarous, 
    By Shivam Thakur 2021-02-12 13:46:03 0 124
    African Christmas
    African Christmas is a holiday of getting together as a family, visiting each other, buying clothes, cooking Sunday meal , sharing stockvel and having fun.
    By Patience Ncube 2020-12-06 01:23:09 0 183
    I blogged
    I blogged Therefore I am ;-)  
    By Star Jammer 2020-11-11 12:38:06 1 151
    Testing My Blog
    This is a test this is only a test please do not turn the channel we are here to help  
    By Ron Meyerson 2020-11-10 13:30:44 2 135
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I blogged
I blogged Therefore I am ;-)  
By Star Jammer 2020-11-11 12:38:06 1 151
Notatki polowe COVID-19: spadek skuteczności szczepień, zagrożenie ADE, odporność naturalna, immunologia COVID-19 i dynamika ewolucyjna pandemii
autor: Jakub Babicki Z racji tego, że mam ostatnio bardzo mało czasu ze względu na nawał obowią
By Dax Fler 2021-08-09 13:35:48 0 91
Hatchimals Hatching Eggs: Bear and Chick.
Pencil and finished art of Hacthing Bear and Chick. Did these back in July of 2018.
By Donald Cassity 2020-12-22 13:00:37 0 149
Wolne przemyślenia odnośnie "pandemii" koronawirusa - Część 1
autor: Jakub Babicki   Dzień dobry wszystkim, Długo nie zabierałem głosu w związku z sytuacj
By Dax Fler 2021-09-06 17:51:49 0 46
Earn free coin today by joining only no investment needs
Bitcoin went up from $1 to $15000 in just 10 years which proves Cryptocurrency is the future. Now, E
By Dhananjay Basumatary 2020-11-27 12:51:33 0 138