Eurozone inflation hit a record 8.1%, energy and food prices continued to rise.
On May 31, the AP news agency reported thatสล้อตวอแลตInflation in 19 euro-denominated countries rose to 8.1%, a new record high. Amid the problem of rising fuel prices

Annual inflation in the eurozone is up from 7.4 percent in March and April, according to Eurostat data. EU statistical agency Energy prices have soared to 39.2%, suggesting that war and global energy prices have driven the cost of living higher.

Food prices also rose by about 7.5%, another sign that the war is driving global food prices. Because Russia and Ukraine are one of the world's major food producers. while the price of goods such as clothing Electronics, cars, computers and books were up 4.2%, and service prices were up 3.5%.

The inflation rate was the highest since it was first recorded in 1997, and the figure has put pressure on the European Central Bank policymakers. in raising interest rates to cope with the sharp increase in product prices.