Poppy Playtime is a first-person horror-puzzle adventure game developed by MOB Games Studio. The studio is led by Isaac Christopherson and consists of a small team. It is divided into several chapters and centres on the abandoned Playtime Co. factory, which specialised in manufacturing "the nation's favourite toys." As a former employee of the toy factory, you must unravel the mystery surrounding employee disappearances. You make your way deeper into the mysterious factory with your Grabpack, avoiding the dangerous toys ahead.

The game has generated a lot of buzz in the community, and rightfully so! Poppy Playtime introduces frightening toys and a detailed hidden backstory revolving around the Playtime Co. factory's mystery. It employs the popular mascot horror trend prevalent in a large number of horror games but effectively chills the players. With its unique approach to the game, this could easily become one of the most popular game series to date, as well as one of the best to release this year.


Throughout the game, Poppy Playtime maintains an air of mystery. There are no immediate explanations, and if there are, they are usually contained on VHS tapes. You collect the story throughout the game by collecting VHS tapes. Each VHS tape reveals the facility's hidden lore and the dangers that lurk within. I strongly advise you to watch the game for yourself, as the tapes contain significant spoilers.

Consider Toys 'R' Us, but with all the toys turning on you. One of the first toys you'll come across is this blue creature known as Huggy Wuggy. Huggy Wuggy is enormous, covered in fur, with bulging dilated eyes and wide red lips formed into a smile. His image serves as a mascot for the business, appearing on posters and on the walls throughout the establishment. He is immediately intimidating due to his size, and is a constant source of surprises throughout the game.

Within the danger of avoiding toys is your own toy, the Grabpack. The Grabpack resembles sticky hands and acts as an electrical conductor, allowing you to power through the upcoming puzzles. Additionally, it is capable of grabbing small items and reaching out to difficult-to-reach areas. It's a one-of-a-kind feature that allows players to interact with the game in ways other than simply walking through the facility. As you restore power to the facility, you discover the second hand required to complete the game.

One of the best times to use this toy is when you reach the facility's Make-A-Friend section. You assemble infrastructures and solve puzzles to power up the Make-A-Friend machine. Once you've infused the system with life, you can customise your toy from head to toe and progress to the next level of the game. The majority of your time in the establishment is spent reviving the toy factory. It's almost as if you're picking up the pieces and reassembling them.

Poppy playtime is a fantastic horror game developed by MOB Games.