The occurrence of hair loss is often seen among individuals. But, it could result from several hair loss conditions. Telogen Effluvium is one of the common hair loss problems. Telogen Effluvium in men and women is severe, mainly caused by stress and shock. In this condition, the growth of hairs remains at the resting phase. But, it occurs only temporarily, so regrowth of hairs is possible. The condition of TE occurs between the hair cycle that starts from anagen (growing) and ends on the exogen (shedding) phase.

Symptoms and causes of TE

Well, it is easy to identify that you are suffering from TE. Due to this, you can experience severe hair loss in the form of shedding. Usually, the normal hair fall ratio is up to 100 strands daily on average. But, it is due to TE when you experience a hefty amount of hair loss. You may also experience some pain in the scalp when you touch your hair. The problem of Telogen effluvium men can occur due to medical surgery, poor diet, mental shock, medications, hormonal changes, etc.

7 recommendations for Telogen effluvium treatment

Healthy diet

Sometimes, the problem can occur due to vitamin and mineral deficiency in the body. The problem of persistent hair loss can remain until you have fulfilled these deficiencies. So, it is advised to have a healthy diet. You must include a protein-rich diet such as eggs, fish, nuts, etc. However, the use of some dietary supplements can also work.


It is an FDA-approved tablet that can prove beneficial to treat hair loss due to Telogen effluvium. This medicine can work to block the hormone that is responsible for hair loss. DHT is the responsible hormone among men for hair loss. So, the tablet can work as a DHT blocker to prevent hair loss. But, the doctor’s prescription is a must before commencing this treatment.


It is also a medication treatment that is available in topical form. You can use this medicine by applying directly to the scalp. It can work well for Telogen effluvium treatment by ensuring that the hair roots get proper oxygen, nutrients, and blood supply. Minoxidil is also favorable for women suffering from hair loss due to TE.


This is the best medicine among the class of steroids that can work to reduce swelling in the body due to surgical treatments. TE could also result from the medical surgery that can be addressed using this medicine. It is also a useful medicine to treat the conditions like asthma and arthritis. You can use this medicine after getting a prescription from the doctor.

Reduce stress

Telogen effluvium men and women can occur due to stress. Stress can hurt the hormones in the body that can ignite the problem of TE. Consequently, if you suffer from stress, you should treat this problem as soon as possible.


Hair loss problems followed by TE can be addressed well with regular exercise. It can improve blood flow in the body and flood the scalp. Thus, you can get the benefits of hair loss prevention.

Avoid alcohol

If you are suffering from TE, it is vital to avoid alcohol. Drinking alcohol can boost stress and affect nutritional absorption in the body.


You can follow a natural Telogen Effluvium treatment by considering these recommendations. If the problem is continuing, consulting with a hair surgeon is recommended. You must meet with a professional hair surgeon.